Call 2018

Starting on March the 17th 2018, a few days before the beginning of spring, all artists (regardless of age, sex or skin colour) and environment friendly people are invited to create or bring an artwork in the Museo Popolare della Pineta di Viareggio (People’s Museum of the Pinewood of Viareggio), in the area next to the soccer stadium Stadio dei Pini, within July the 13th 2018.

The Museum will be totally self-managed by the artists who should take care of their artworks in accordance with the following Museum’s authorities:

Art Director: Dr. Muschio Selvatico (Wild Moss).
Permanent keeper: Mrs. Fortunata Intemperie (Lucky Stormy Weather).
Technical supervisor: Mr. Manufatto Naturale (Natural Artifact).
Environment Supervisor: Mrs. Costanza Riciclabile (Recyclable Constance).


Participants are asked to realize on the spot or bring some artworks complying with the following 5 rules
1) Creative integration with nature.
2) Use of materials that won’t generate waste material with time (paper, cardboard, plastic or other rubbish).
3) Installation of the artwork in a way that won’t damage the plants.
4) Installation of the artwork in a way that won’t damage the work of other artists already on the spot.
5) Take a picture of your artwork installed in the Museum and send a copy to the address indicating the place where it has been installed so that it will be easier to update the online catalogue that we will create on the specific Web Site.

If you won’t respect those rules, your artwork will be removed by our Keeper Fortunata Intemperie.

Before realizing or installing your work, we suggest you to send your project to the above e-mail address, so that we can ensure its feasibility, and to contact the Museum management for an inspection of the place.

Information and contacts:

The Museo Popolare della Pineta is an demonstration of civil disobedience and illegal creativity supporting the organization Coordinamento NO Asse in Viareggio.

Coordinamento NO Asse started out to defend the Viareggio natural heritage against the devastating project of building a highway next to the park.

A road that will cut the pinewood into two parts, with a loss of over 700 trees, and will tear down a building where nine families live. It will run South from Stadio dei Pini along the route chosen by the local government without a genuine confrontation with the citizens.

We believe that the territory has already been quite devastated by other ecomonsters, often unfinished, that has eaten up the soil (and public money) by covering it with concrete and altering its own identity.

What future are we going to offer to Viareggio and its inhabitants? How are we planning to use the promised fundings that are always unavailable when it comes to invest in Public Health Insurance, Social Policies, Housing Emergencies and safe transportation and work conditions?

We propose an alternative idea for the town and the community: an inclusive and supportive one, where environment, health, rights and people wealth protection are central and there will be a real, large and democratic participation.

Let’s save the pinewood with artworks and actions!

Enough with asphalt, long live art!

The opening of the Museum will take place on the 14th and 15th of July during a people’s celebration

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